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Are women “better” managers ??

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Author : Prerna Jain

This is a debate.

A group of donkeys led by a lion can defeat a group of lions led by a donkey.

In my opinion a good leader is a synonym to a good manager… As he says don’t do as I say but do as I do. A good manager never teaches anybody anything, he only makes them think.

I’d like to give for instance an example of my own life. My mother brought me up single handedly, my father being busy with his own life…and I’ m proud to say that she managed her professional as well as personal life so well that she is my guiding light, my strength, my inspiration and gives me the true meaning of my name, Prerna. But her struggle would have eased a bit if my father would have been there. Undoubtedly,she is a “good” manager but presence of my father would have made her a “better” manager.

So, my friends don’t neglect my words because an ignorant person is like an ox, whose flesh may increase but not his understanding.

Everything in life is a question of how you look at it in your mind. So, friends when you have faults and misconceptions do not fear to abandon them. The Battle is to the brave and not to the strong. You don’t need muscles of iron and nerves of steel but the undying valour to shine in veritable bedlam because Physical strength does not matter .What matters is- indomitable will, which should be present in spirit.

Men are victorious in the key issues of strategic drive, risk taking, people skills, aesthetics, altruism, and innovation. They are task focused and more comfortable getting the job done rather than bothering with relationship, unlike women… And these are some of the critical elements for successful men managers.

I strongly believe that commanding and controlling a management operation are two different things. Management is all about the right decision, in right time, and at right place, and women being emotionally unstable and fickle-minded are unable to accomplish organization goals, because management is nothing but motivation to subordinate to achieve organization goals.

Now quickly, I’d like to bring to your notice 5 reasons that would suffice you and prove thatwhy men are better managers.

1. Men do not have Tourette syndrome

That is women are victims of Tourette syndrome and the afflicted organ is their tongues. That’s why women cannot shut their damn mouths for 10 seconds while adults are talking around them. To be a leader or a manager you should be a good observer first of all and for that you should be like the wise old bird , namely owl, who speaks less and sees more.

2. Men are not sponges

Meaning men are not sheep. Women are social chameleons. Women walk into a situation and before you know it, they’ll completely change their mannerisms as if they’ve joined some damn cult.

3. Women are racists

Women do this silly sort of nonsense. Their tongues are battling around in their mouths like drunken vipers. Their entire life and social circle is based around hatred and jealousy. They don’t appreciate being treated equally and always crave for more. Management , on the contrary, is tucking one’s ego to work together as a team.

4. Men live less than women

You are wondering now so how does this prove that men out do women .. because the last thing a society needs is a bunch of non-contributing members laying around and doing nothing. The length of life or lifespan is not important. What matters is your attitude towards life. You should live as if you’re a shooting star that burns out 10 years faster setting the whole night ablaze with menace.

5. Men wear watches

A watch says- get up and go. Move your ass and take care of your damn business. The ticking of a watch has theme of utilization of day. Women wear bracelets. A bracelet says- you’re most likely ugly but look at how much money you are worth.

I, myself being a woman, believe that men are better managers, because instead of taking shit from the world around them, they solve shit right back into it.

I personally feel that managerial skills do not depend on gender but practically this society is of men, for men and by men. Hence I’ m not under-estimating women but wish to say that “men outdo women” and prove to be “better” managers.


2 comments on “Are women “better” managers ??

  1. Angel
    January 29, 2013

    This message is good.

  2. apurva
    December 19, 2012

    very good article

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