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Tips when Preparing for Personal Interview (PI)


Here is a strategy which you must follow if you want to crack the interview.


    I. Academic questions

In any interview this is one area from where majority of the questions come. Reason being that panel wants to know how good you are at concepts already covered at college/school level and at the same time panel expects you to have a practical bent of mind that enables you to relate the theory to applications. So, the candidate must be ready with some real life examples from workex/academics/personal life.


  1. Revisit your textbooks and brush up your basics
  2. Work extra on subjects that you like and the ones in which you have scored less
  3. Expect questions from subjects in which you have good grades-prepare those subjects
  4. Explain answers in simple and lucid style with  examples


II. Achievements/Merits/Awards

While answering questions on achievements, it is always advisable to divide your answer into three parts

  1. Academic achievements- Talk about top grades in any particular subject/class.
  2. Achievements as regards ECA-Talk about activities done during school/college/work life that highlight your leadership or organizing capabilities. Be ready with examples, what challenges you faced, how you overcame, what was the learning.
  3. Any other special achievement- Like working with an NGO and the kind of work you have done for them, how has that added value to you as a person.

III. Work Ex

For people with work experience expect questions from your

  1. Industry – The candidate must have good idea about their industry, what was the growth in the last quarter/financial year, how much does it contribute to country’s GDP, any recent developments
  2. Company – Complete knowledge of the business that his company is into. Candidate may get questions like who are your competitors, what is your market share, what are the strengths of your competitors, current share price of the company, turnover etc
  3. Job – Prepare all types of questions that anyone can ask on your role and responsibilities, any special achievement

work experience

Also there can be questions on why do you want to leave your job?

The strategy for candidate with work ex should be to keep the panel on job related questions as far as possible as the candidate will be more comfortable answering questions from this area.

IV. General Awareness/Current Affairs

This area may or may not be touched upon, but if it is, the purpose is to check candidate’s understanding on the various current issues. For questions on current affairs always follow a three pronged strategy – Know what is the issue, do the analysis of the facts, various opinion’s and finally have your own logical opinion about the whole issue.

So, all the best for your next PI round. DO WELL !!


5 comments on “Tips when Preparing for Personal Interview (PI)

  1. Katie
    January 30, 2013

    thanks for posting your articles

  2. sauravi dutta
    January 28, 2013

    Thank you. Very helpful 🙂

  3. yraclub
    January 25, 2013

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