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Launch Pad- “Plan out ur Career”

In life, we are always expected to make decisions. Even not making a decision, is a decision in itself! Choosing a career is one decision that sets the pace for our remaining lives, irrespective of whether it’s being a businessman or doing a 9-5 desk job.

Freshly out from high school, time to enter college, and bam! Everybody wants to know – “Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?” That million dollar question! How do you answer that? It was easier when we were young and replied with answers like, “I want to be a pilot or I want to become a doctor or teacher,” when we had absolutely no idea what those statements meant!

Chart it out

Ever tried using an excel sheet to categorize your career options? First, jot down your interests, and then jot down the relevant career options, followed by all the courses / degrees / diplomas that will lead you there.

Let’s say you just finished your 12th or are getting out of junior college and have to make a major decision; whether to join the stream of science, arts or commerce. There is absolutely no harm in deciding that you want to skip all three and simply go in for a course on Animation Designing, provided you have enough knowledge about the institutes that provide such courses and the prospective future scope for the same.

How to ensure that you are on the right track?

Talk to people; ex-students who have been or are in the field that you are interested in, friends, relatives or anyone who can help. If you want to avoid going to career counselors, make use of the World Wide Web – Google Baba Zindabad!

Do some more research into the course you’re interested in, look around for places and institutes that offer the same, read user reviews, seek advice on their FAQ forums – all of which should give you some direction. Besides, you can always visit their personal websites and leave them a query or order a prospectus, if available.

Common myths and mistakes

Contrary to the age old beliefs in our country, medical and engineering degrees are NOT the only degrees that define a person’s success in life. Today, vocational careers are more popular amidst the youth. They not only pay well, but also give you the desired job satisfaction, because your old hobby may now be your job and that will automatically keep you going.

From being a radio jockey, to doing freelance writing, or being event managers, photographers, fashion designers, garment technologists, biotechnologists, web designers, dance choreographers – the list can go on! With technological advancements, there are varied openings for app developers, coders, software programmers, and many more. Read more on how not to give up your passions and learn early on about the importance of having a work life balance in our Balancing Acts section.

Do you like writing and love social media? Become a blogger! If you like writing, have a sense of rhyme and rhythm, and love music, become a lyricist. Mix and match if you want to craft something creatively distinct!

Identify where your interest lies, nurture your skills and tap into new opportunities. Do not hesitate to experiment. Also, starting one’s own venture can be fun; you can be an entrepreneur anytime you want, you just need a great idea and some capital to start up!

In the end, what you want to do and how much effort you’re willing to put in to achieve your goal is all that matters.


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This entry was posted on September 6, 2013 by in Careers.

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