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Tech Hacks that will make your Life easy!

  1. Save screenshots directly using Windows key + PrntScr key on Windows 8/8.1/10. The screenshots get saved to the Screenshots folder (“Pictures\Screenshots”) as .png files. Doesn’t Work on prior versions.
  2. Downloading from Torrent
    There are many workarounds for this like proxy servers and VPN’s. But who wants to waste time opening a proxy site every time or installing and setting up a VPN service (which you generally don’t get for free).If you are using Chrome :There is a  nifty little solution for this – TunnelBear VPN . With this little extension you can browse from any location in the world just at the click of a button.
    If you using Firefox: A great extension comes names “Anonymox“. Install and you will be able to change the IP address from UK, USA or NL
  3. Many a times we feel the need to transfer files to our Android phones and Laptops/Desktops and vice-versa. Just install ES File Explorer (ES File Explorer File Manager – Android Apps on Google Play) on your Android Phone.
    For transferring files from Phone to Laptop/Desktop :-
    Open Es File Explorer->Open Sidebar->Network->Remote Manager->Turn On
    Enter the address in your PC’s Browser and voila you can now access, copy any of the files on your phone. Ans there you go!

    For transferring files from Laptop/Desktop to Phone:-
    Again open ES File Explorer->Open Sidebar->Network->LAN and Scan for devices. You should see your Laptop/Desktop click on it and now you can access all your shared folders on your Android Device.
    Note: Your devices should be on the same network and you should have turned on sharing on your Laptop/Desktop.

  4. Now Download entire YouTube Playlists with just one click :-

    Yes! You can do that. Just open the playlist on YouTube and copy the link. Now download this awesome software – YouTube PlayList Downloader

    Paste Youtube Playlist’s URL into it, choose location and the quality that you want and download all the videos in that playlist.


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This entry was posted on February 25, 2017 by in Articles, Information & News.

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