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Benefits to Universities/Institutes

Advantages  of your association with us are exhaustive. Benefits are enlisted below and are not limited to :

  • Providing domestic and international guest speakers in the field of management, telecom, ICT, engineering, cyber security, spectrum, ethical hacking, security matters, defence matters, political matters, excellence in life, Yoga, Meditation, Mind Magic, Good life, excellence in life, stress management, communication skills, development of mind capabilities, how to excel in interview and placements etc.
  • Providing Institute will GET A TAG OF CMAI ASSOCIATED University/College/ Institute, which you can write in your brouchers, advertisements, publicity materials and where ever you want.
  • Providing Certificate of University association with Industry trade bodies, that is required on several occasions by University Administration and AICTE etc.
  • CMAI will arrange seminars on complimentary basis in your Institute on (i) topics of telecom, IT, mobile, infrastructure, multimedia, outsourcing, applications, VAS, rural development, inclusive growth, manufacturing etc. (ii) Excellence in life and conflict management and effective communications. These are useful for students and faculty for good living being (iii) Personality development and grooming courses for students, (iv) Technical lectures for faculty, (v) Research and survey projects strategies. These will be just on reimbursement of actual expenses incurred.
  • Complimentary Nomination to National Telecom Awards and National Education Awards for Institutes for excellence in ICT etc. organized with AICTE and ITU Geneva and Commonwealth Telecom Organisation, UK and supported by Government of India.
  • Arranging guest lecturers as DeIT (Government of India) sponsored project with part funding from DeIT
  • Arranging Guest lecturers of Indian and Foreign VIPs in Universities and Colleges.
  • Arranging VIP/Technical Examiners and Viva Experts for Exams, if required.
  • Assistance in framing the Course Curriculum and contents.
  • Assistance in introduction of vocational courses and to perform Examination Centres, as a part of regular courses in association with AICTE.
  • Making available VIPs and Former Senior Government and Industry experts for Board/Advisory Groups of Universities/Institutes out of pool of talents available on CMAI Board.
  • Panel of Experts available for guide for research and administrative assignments in Colleges/Institutes.
  • Providing opportunities to students for summer projects based on secondary research and industrial visits.
  • Providing opportunities to students for placements.
  • Arranging students for inter exchange programme with foreign universities
  • Navigating special courses tailor made for technologies/MNCs.
  • At least once in a year free one way/two way air travel and/or stay for at least one faculty for foreign delegation/exhibition.
  • Providing complimentary air fare one way/both ways and/or free Hotel stay abroad depending upon various schemes for faculty and/ or students.
  • For Institutes interested to send students to foreign Countries for learning and tourism, CMAI coordinates the visit with some IT/telecom show in Japan, UK, USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Africa, Hongkong, Singapore, etc. and extends free entry to the show. Entire package of travel, tourism, industry visits are made available, if required. Some of the important shows are Comm Asia, Singapore; TAITRONICS, Taiwan; CES Las Vegas USA; High Tech Products China etc.
  • Providing FREE access to students and teachers to various CMAI/TEMA/Telecom events in India and abroad and also free participation in telecom exhibitions in India and abroad for display of University publicity materials.
  • Providing opportunities for students/faculty to upload their papers/reports on CMAI and associate associations websites.
  • Providing opportunity for publishing the article/papers for CMAI publications in CMAI in house publications/newsletters and from MOU partners in Mumbai, Delhi, Korea and USA.
  • Assistance in wide Publicity for the Institutes and Universities.
  • Recognition of excellence of Institute/University from Industry Associations and AICTE.
  • Organizing University based Awards from where awardees qualify for participation in National Awards.
  • Organising Education Fair dedicated to your University/Institute
  • Organizing research projects for your Institutes from Indian and International agencies. The research gives name and fame to University for the data collected and analyzed.
  • Several Universities have also included President CMAI in their Board of Governors/Advisers. We welcome that.
  • Organizing visit to Industrial units in India and abroad.
  • Opportunities, if needed, for CSR activities like education to poor students, skill developments, society developments etc.
  • Assistance, if required, in development and sourcing of IT infrastructure in University/Campus
  • Assistance for skill development, technical trainings, personality development, etiquettes training, meditational and spiritual trainings, human resource programs and various team building exercises and activities, tailor made on reimbursement basis and much more.
  • Universities can include Director on Boad Of CMAI and MD of Diginix Technologies India Pvt Ltd Mr. Priyanshu Joshi, in their Advisers. He is leading this project of CMAI. And being a young and innovative person can give new ways of leading and marketing to their Organization.

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  1. Pooja
    February 18, 2013

    I really like your blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website list

  2. yraclub
    January 25, 2013

    Avail free membership Now. Last date to join YRA Club: 31 January, 2013.

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